Feel free to use any Internet tools or resources you want. If you find something you think is really cool, please share it with the other people in the class.

The following list contains some links to websites that I hope will be useful to you. There are - of course - many other sites and pages on the Internet related to these topics.

A great collection of General and Business English links
(It includes some of the links I've listed separately below)

English NetLinks

Concordance - Collocations

Collins - Corpus Concordance Sampler (Type a word in the box to see up to 40 examples of how it has been used in books, newspapers, etc. Excellent for learning the context in which words are used.)


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Leo (German - English)

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English Grammar

English Grammar (OU CALL)
Grammar and Style Notes
Grammar and Writing (The late Charles Darling's site. One of the best, most comprehensive resources on the net for anything related to grammar and writing. It also has LOTS of exercises!)
Grammar Materials, University of Victoria English Language Centre (with online exercises - good!)
Interactive Javascript Quizzes for ESL Students
Salzmann Grammar Homepage (Lots of different types of exercises)

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English Language Sites - General

ENGLISH - a great collection of links and other resources by E.L. Easton

Activities for ESL Students (Charles Kelly, Japan)

ESL - Streaming Videos
(These are both great sites that offer a variety of practice based on streamed videos. You need a fast internet connection for them.) They require Real Player. Please click the icon below to go the the site, where you can download the free player.

Literacy Net - Videos containing news and other news-type stories from CNN-San Francisco with exercises for listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar.

Real English - A very well-made series of videos and related exercises. They are mostly interviews with people on the streets of various world cities, informal in nature, and more-or-less focused on a particular grammar point.

The website is a collaborative, ongoing project done by English teachers from around the world. The project was started by Mike Marzio of the
Marzio School of English in France.

Access requires registering for a password, but you don't have to pay anything.

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English Language Sites - Science & Technology

Ruth Vilmi's English for Science and Technology (a list of links)

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A-Plus Research & Writing for High School and College Students Home Page
English Writing for Special Purposes - Ohio University
Online Technical Writing
Purdue OWL Handouts - Everything you want to know about writing English AND MORE! - How to Write Research Papers

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Search Engines

All-in-One Search Page
AltaVista Search: Main Page
WebCrawler Searching
Yahoo Search

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TOEFL Review:
TOEFL Practice:

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Last updated: 28 June 2007