LV 146 TOEFL Prep - Leistungsschein / Prüfung

No Schein will be given for attendance only.

Whether this course can be counted as a Prüfung depends on your Prüfungsamt; it's your job to find out about this!

For a Prüfung** or a Leistungsschein (both of which get 6 ECTS points***), these are the requirements:

  • Attendance: 80% attendance*

  • Homework (to be submitted via email):
    a. Writing: 3 essays
    **** (45%) and a written record ("log") of your out-of-class "autonomous learning" (10%).*****
    b. Speaking: 3 in-class video exercises (30%) and 3 homework exercises (15%). Students must write a brief (50-100 words) self-assessment of each speaking exercise. 

*If you attend only 60%-79% of the classes, you will lose one full point from your final grade. If you attend less than 60% of the classes, you cannot get a Leistungsschein or a Prüfung, and you will not get any ECTS points.

**The "Prüfungsform" is "prüfungsäquivalente Studienleistung (PÄS)" not "schriftlich", "mündlich, or "Hausarbeit".

*** To receive 6 ECTS points, you must document that you did at least 128 hours of work on your English outside of class. Please see the note marked "*****".

**** If you correct your essays within one week after I send you my commented version, and if there are no mistakes in your corrected version, you can get five extra points for the assignment. This "special offer" is only valid for assignments sent to me before the last week of class. You can only correct each assignment once. 

***** This is to be handed in the last week of classes. You are required to do at least 128 hours of work outside of class. This includes the time spent preparing your class assignments, sending me emails, and any other activities you undertake in English that help improve your proficiency. It's recommended that you make the entries into your log on a weekly basis. Here are links to samples -> .doc format  / .odt format (1. Please right-click the link and save the form on your computer. 2. Please don't send me an Excel table.)

How the grades will be calculated

Matching of class grades, TU grades, and TOEFL scoring system

Updated: 08 July 2014