A Little Tip about Format

There are lots of differences between English and German in the "technicalities" of writing. Details like punctuation (the use of capital letters, commas, apostrophes, etc.), the meanings of words like bzw. vs. respectively, sogenannt  vs. so-called, and "acceptable" sentence length are only a few examples.

Below we see another issue of this type. Apparently, it's OK in German to use something I'll call a "sub-paragraph". What I mean is that there seems to be a writing convention that allows you "subdivide" your paragraph into units bigger than individual sentences. It looks like the writer gets to the middle of the "idea unit" (the paragraph), and then indicates a "change of direction" by ending the sentence in the middle of the line (indicated by the X's in the image on the left below) and then starts the new sentence - still within the same paragraph - on the next line. "True" paragraph breaks are indicated by the O's.

You can't do this in English!

"German style" - incorrect in English OK.

Get it?