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Day 11


Internet Activities: More preparation for Interviews
  • Do you need information about salaries? Take a look at a website called salaryexplorer.com.
    Here's the link to their page about salaries in Germany.
  • This link is to a website called Hitequest, which says it's a source for "Hi-Tech interview questions". It offers lots of interesting information for engineers of different types and gets involved in some pretty technical stuff.
  • One of the most common questions used to open an interview is "Can you tell me / us something about yourself?" Here's a movie about interview questions in general. The first one they deal with is "Tell me about yourself."
  • Here's another movie with some excellent ideas about answering this crucial first question.

    It's pretty long - and so is the sample answer he gives - but he really explains the topic well. I also like his voice, his dialect, and that he has a cat talking in the background (at 1:48!).
  • Homework -> Prepare a reply for the question "Can you please tell me / us something about yourself?"

    This exercise will be filmed, but there's no grade. It's being done to help      
    you get ready for the graded exercises.


  • interview exercise.
    Choose a question from the list we looked at last time and prepare an answer. In the next class we'll start making the videos. You can use notes, but you can't "read" your answer.
Last update: 11-Nov-2014