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Day 06


Internet Activities:

Here's a cool movie from the BBC about "The American Dream".
Click here => The American Dream

Here are some more tips from Purdue University about resume design.

Now let's continue with the Power Point presentation from the Purdue OWL about writing résumés.

Next, please look at the website Career Planit. It has some relevant information, and the link below in particular explains how to add information to your c.v. that isn't directly related to your studies or a "real" job.
Click ->



Grammar: Verbs - Past Simple Tense (Regular and Irregular Verbs), Negatives and Questions in the  Past Simple Tense
Assignment: Write the final draft of your CV. Send it to me via email as attachment (with no VIRUSES!). Please don't send a .pdf file because I can't edit it. Also, please don't send a document written in a spreadsheet program, e.g. Excel, because it's a bit too "minimalist".

There's no real deadline for this, but the sooner the better.