1. Attendance: If you miss more than three (3) classes without a doctor's
    excuse, you cannot finish the course.

2. The good news: There are no exams.

3. The other news: You have to do some homework assignments.

4. Homework
     a. fourteen weekly vocabulary exercise (5% each = 70%)
         (Depending on the length of the semester, there may be more
           exercises; only the best fourteen will be counted.)
     b. a written project report (20%)

Please check everything you send me in writing
    with an English spelling checker. Any piece of writing that contains
    even one error a spelling checker would normally find will be
    returned without comment and without being read

6. Because I need to correct your work, please never send me a file I can't
    edit (e.g. a .pdf file)

7. Ten percent (10%) of your grade is for attendance and class

Questions? last but not least, because I need to correct your work, pase 

Updated: 24.02.14